Outcast (1999) – Walk Across Motazaar (Map 2/5)

Map Size: 7:56 minutes from end to end!

Outcast was an open world game from 1999 with 5 open maps. “How Big is the Map” will show them all. This is the map called Motazaar, a place full of lava. My journey ends with some dangerous acrobatic dodging and jumping! I never liked that in games. I like to walk with my two feet on the ground, I never liked puzzles and acrobatic jumping in games. I don’t want to be an acrobat working in a circus. This craziness starts with the speechless alien at 6:20 and ends when I die. Well, I didn’t care because that was almost the end of the map. I am not going to do this again if you don’t mind. It was a miracle that I survived those rolling rocks! Now let’s move on to the next map and hope I only have to walk forward over there.

(release date: august 1999)

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How big is the map

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