Outcast – Walk Across Shamazaar

Map Size: 6:57 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map of Outcast? This game is made in august 1999 by a Belgium developer and is one of the first 3D open world games ever made. This game has got 5 big maps and HBitM is going to show them all. In this game you start at a little map called Ranzaar. That map is so tiny, I won’t show that one. The map in this video is called Shamazaar it’s the second map in the game. The map is full of danger, so it’s hard to walk a straight line here. In the middle of the map there are canals with some angry fish in it so I’ve got to avoid those. In the sky you can see some beautiful planets so maybe that’s where Hello Games get the inspiration from for making No Man’s Sky. With that woman’s voice in this video I almost think I walk around a planet of NMS again! A big difference between these two games is that Outcast has got 1 planet out of space in stead of 18000000000 etc. This planet is called Adelpha.

(release date: august 1999)

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How big is the map

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