No Man’s Sky – Walk Around a Planet Part 2/2

Map Size: 7:30:00 from end to end! (Part 1 and Part 2 together)

Yes!!! I walked around an entire planet and found back my spaceship! It is possible to walk around a planet in No Man’s Sky!
In the previous video the timer said 0:00! It said I was 0 seconds away from my spaceship!! But there was no spaceship! But now I know why. I was halfway the planet. In this video I’ll walk further and at the end I’ll find my spaceship again! So it’s like this: the timer will count up until you’ve walked a quarter of the planet. Then the timer will count down until you are halfway. When you are exactly halfway it will say 0:00. Then it goes up again until you’ve walked three-quarter of the planet. And then goes down again until you reach your spaceship.

(release date: august 2016)

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