No Man’s Sky – Walk Around a Planet Part 1/1

Map Size: 7:30:00 from end to end! (Part 1 and Part 2 together)

Yes! I managed to walk around a planet without the strange bug I showed in my “Is it impossible to walk around a planet..” video. In my new video I walk around the planet and when I finish my journey the timer says that my spaceship is 0:00 away. But when I look around there is no spaceship!!!! Where is my spaceship? I walk and search for it in the last minutes of the video but I just can’t find it. At the end of the video I go back to the place where the timer says 0:00 again. No, still no spaceship (you can see it at the end of the video). I finally know what’s going on here. Although the timer says 0:00 I am only halfway the planet. In the next video I will walk further and I will reach my spaceship again on the other side of the planet.

(release date: august 2016)

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