No Man’s Sky – Is it Impossible to Walk Around a Planet?

Is it impossible to walk around a planet or moon in No Man’s Sky? Can you only go halfway the planet? In this video you can see what’s happening with the game when you are halfway the planet. My plan was to walk around a small planet for a number of hours and then meet my space ship again. But when I reached the point that I was half way the planet I couldn’t go further!! At 2:17:04 the problems begin!! My character starts acting real strange and spins around like a maniac. Then again at 2:17:34 and so on and so on, until the end of the video. It looks like the game wants you to go back to the space ship, he pulls you in that direction all the time. The only way you can control yourself is by walking backwards!!! Then suddenly you can walk again for a few steps and the spinning starts again. In the last minutes of the video you can see that the time counter (next to the space ship icon) is counting down when you walk backwards and goes up when you walk heading your space ship. That great Youtuber TheyCallmeConor also lost control of his character when he tried to walk around a planet. So is it impossible to walk around a planet in No Man’s Sky? No, because there is a solution: you’ve got to save your game every once in a while. In these two videos I manage to
walk around a planet: (part 1) and (part 2)

(release date: august 2016)

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