Nier Automata – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 58:16 minutes from end to end!

So here it is. The map size of Nier Automata. As a real HowBigistheMapper I really don’t like this map. And I don’t mean the game world, I mean the map you look at when you choose the Map Mode. The map rotates. For example when you first look at the map it seems like the desert is in the North, and when you walk a little, turn around and open up the map again the desert seems to be in the South. So before I take a look at the map, I have to be sure my character is looking to the North, so North will be North. Another thing is that the game world isn’t as open as I want it to be. When it really was open without barriers like buildings or mountains, this journey would have taken approximately less than 45 minutes . But it don’t matter, the world in NieR: Automata is interesting. It’s a strange unique game world and I enjoyed being in it. I would like to thank my wife for playing a lot of missions and open new areas so I could make my trip to the end of the map.

(release date: february 2017)

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