New World – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 3:07:53 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in New World? Let’s walk across the map to find out. It’s going to be difficult because this MMORPG made by Amazon is full of dangerous places that are full of monsters. My level is very low because I only played for a few hours. I only finished the first couple of missions and I’m already walking across the entire map. That’s very dangerous. In MMORPGs you can’t use trainers with cheats. I think these creatures will kill me a few times so I will have to cut and edit. I’ll start in the southwest corner of this huge map and I’ll walk to the northeast corner. The first part of this journey is already hard. Maybe I’ll have to run a few meters because otherwise they’ll kill me to often. It’s dark in the beginning but the sun will come up soon.

Some highlights:

12:00 the sun’s coming up

23:45 nice view

31:23 village

36:15 view with mills

38:10 fog above creek

38:55 dangerous place

40:05 a farm

41:12 more farms

49:25 fog in forest

51:00 small village

53:00 nice moment in the late afternoon

58:00 beautiful moment in the late afternoon

58:22 purple world

1:05:30 waterfall

1:32:44 foggy place early in the morning

1:36:59 red fog

1:47:25 another village

1:54:54 more fog

2:06:30 beautiful autumnal forest with fog and deers

2:07:10 deer is walking across the map with me

2:29:34 village at night

2:35:55 nice view

2:37:08 lion is walking across the map with me

2:37:35 fog and crazy scary sounds

2:38:37 it’s starting to rain

2:39:37 fog after rain

2:43:07 drizzle

(release date: september 2021)

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