New Kids: Nitro Racer – Drive Across the Map

Map Size: driving 01:42 minutes from end to end!

Ok, I think it’s time for us to not take this channel seriously any longer! First I walked across the map of Street Cleaning Simulator and now I check out the size of this stupid game nobody outside the Netherlands knows about. Is this some kind of joke? New Kids: Nitro Racer? What’s that? I’ll tell ya. New Kids is a funny serie on Dutch television and later on even on German television. It’s about some crazy guys doing crazy stuff in the 90’s in Maaskantje, The Netherlands. Also two movies came out and of course this video game. This game, New Kids: Nitro Racer is an open world game so it has to be on this crazy channel too. And to mess up this website even more, there will be a second video about this game called “Drive Across the Map Fast” and it’s only a couple of seconds faster. Told ya not to take this website seriously anymore! 🙂

(release date: january 2013)

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