My Island – Run Across the Maps

How big is the map in My Island? Well, the game has four maps: Jungle, Lonely Island, Islands and Cold Forest. I’m going to run across all these maps now. Map 2 is the biggest (almost 2 hours). Map 3 is the most beautiful imo. To turn off the hud in the game you have to push a key twice. I didn’t know this. I pushed that key once and nothing happened. So I thought I had to turn off the hud in the options menu. So everytime I had taken a look at the map I turned off the hud in the menu. I’m sorry about that.

Here are the timestamps:

0:00 intro

0:30 Map “Jungle” (9 min.)

10:12 Map “Lonely Island” (1 hour & 19 min.)

1:29:58 Map “Islands” (31 min.)

2:01:14 Map “Cold Forest” (14 min.)

(release date: january 2019, still in early access)

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