Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Walk Across Map 2

Map Size: 12:56 minutes from end to end!

Let’s walk across all the regions/maps of the new Middle-Earth game, Shadow of War. We’ll walk them from end to end. This second map is this dangerous area called Cirith Ungol. An area with a lot of caves and also a little city with a lot of angry orgs. As you can hear at the end of the video, I’m using a trainer. And I love this trainer because I can be invisible! Or you can say that the cheat is making everybody blind. I have to do this because otherwise the video would be full of fighting and that takes too much time. And besides that, I don’t want to fight, I want to take a peaceful walk. Maybe we should call this website “Peaceful Walks”

(release date: october 2017)

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