Metro Exodus – Run Across All Maps

Map Size: Map 1 (Volga): 6 min. Map 2 (Caspian): 11 min. Map 3 (Taiga): 21 min. Map 4 (Dead City): 2 min.

How Big is the Map in Metro Exodus? I already walked across all open world areas, now it’s time to run across the maps from end to end. Map 1 (Volga) starts at 0:38 Map 2 (Caspian) starts at 7:48 Map 3 (Taiga) starts at 18:54 Map 4 (Dead City) starts at 40:25 Map 1 and Map 2 are really open world maps. Map 3 is very linear, with some passages you have to go through to get further in the map. In this map you also have to walk through long underground tunnels. Map 4 is a map you can’t walk across, the open world part of the map is very small, the rest is underground.

(release date: february 2019)


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