Metal Gear Survive – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 40:21 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map of Metal Gear Survive? I will show you by walking across the entire map from end to end. I was a bit frustrated when I started this walk because of playing the missions. I needed to rescue a girl after a helicopter crash and bring her to my base camp, but at the same time zombies destroyed something important and I had to do the mission all over again. And that happened like 5 times. I hate to do the same stuff more than twice in a game. I want to save whenever and wherever I want! Anyway, walking across the map made me feel relaxed again and listening to my favorite rappers, Schwartz, Rako and Blokkmonsta of Hirntot, also calmed me down. Here are the links to some of my favortite songs:

(release date: february 2018)

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