Mass Effect – Walk across all Planets (Part 1)

How big are the planets in Mass Effect 1 (2007)? Let’s walk across all planets to find out. There are like 17 planets you can actually walk on. I’ll show them in alphabetical order. I can’t put them all in one video so there will be a part 2. The maps are all the same size. On average, it takes 40 minutes to walk across a planet. Sometimes it takes a bit longer because of mountains that are in the way.

0:00 intro

3:06 Citadel: Upper Wards

6:37 Citadel: Presidium

10:54 Agebinium

50:00 Antibaar

1:26:58 Asteroid X57

2:14:17 Casbin

2:52:47 Chasca

3:44:23 Edolus

4:26:37 Eletania

5:15:33 Luna (Moon)

(release date: november 2007)

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