Mass Effect – Run Across all Planets

How big are the planets in Mass Effect 1 (2007)? Let’s run across all planets to find out. I already walked across all the planets in two earlier videos, now I’m going to run. There are like 17 planets you can actually walk on. I’ll show them in alphabetical order. I’m sorry. Something went wrong with editing so in the first location you see a choppy frame rate. After this location everything runs smoothly 🙂 The maps are all the same size. On average, it takes 15 minutes to run across a planet. Sometimes it takes a bit longer because of mountains that are in the way.

0:00 Citadel: Upper Wards

1:40 Citadel: Presidium

4:00 Agebinium

19:21 Antibaar

32:00 Asteroid X57

46:30 Casbin








Luna (Moon)

2:11:20 Maji

2:24:38 Metgos

2:43:45 Nodacrux

3:09:18 Ontarom

3:27:51 Presrop

3:43:15 Rayingri

3:58:05 Sharjila

4:14:16 Trebin

4:27:50 Tuntau

(release date: november 2007)

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