Mafia: Definitive Edition – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 1:06:14 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Mafia: Definitive Edition? Let’s walk across the whole map to find out. A few years ago I walked across the old Mafia game (2002). That took 48 minutes. But there was a second map in the game, the Countryside. That was a big map, it took 1 hour and 14 minutes to walk across that map. That was also because I couldn’t walk a straight line through the fields because of fences. I had to follow the roads. In this new 2020 edition I also have to follow the roads in the countryside part of the map. In the city you can go everywhere you want to go but in the countryside you have to walk on the road. Let’s go back to the 30s and walk across Lost Heaven.

(release date: september 2020)

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