Mafia 1 – Countryside (Map 2)

Map Size: 1:14:37 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the countryside in Mafia 1? Mafia 1 has got two big maps. The City of Lost Haven and the Country Side. We already know how big the city map is, it’s about 48 minutes. When you look at the time of this video you may think this map is bigger, but I think they’re about the same size. It takes a bit longer to walk across the map of the countryside because you can only follow the roads. Just like in those truck simulators. You can’t walk across fields. But even though I can’t jump over hedges and fences, it’s still a beautiful walk. There are some nice things to see, like farms, a dam (16:41), nice vistas (22:35, 38:49) and real old school countryside traffic jam (1:04:00)!

(release date: august 2002)

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