L.A. Noire – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 2:42:55 minutes from end to end!

How long will it take to walk across the entire Map of L.A. Noire? Let’s walk this incredible thing and find out. I’ve got to tell you that the Map isn’t a square like in other games, it’s more like a long strip. I try to walk the longest distance so it takes a while. Although it’s a long journey, it’s also an interesting one. The city of L.A. has got a great atmosphere and is very detailed with a lot to see and a lot to read. A lot of people in the city think and say that I’m drunk or crazy. Just because I’m walking a Map from one end to the other doesn’t mean that I’m drunk! I think they’re drunk themselves because I saw people walking in circles (2:15:40), other people dancing against walls (2:09:56) and people bumping me so hard with their cars that I almost lost my police hat! (1:44:14)

(release date: may 2011)

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