Kholat – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 18:06 minutes from end to end!

This is the scariest walk I ever did as a HowBigistheMapper! At 15:03 , 15:59, 16:45 and at 17:57 I almost went my pants! I had to be brave because walking with a wet pants sucks. So this wasn’t an easy walk, also because I got a little lost and had to ran back. It’s real easy to get lost in the world of Kholat. There is a Map in the game, but the map doesn’t show where you at. And there are no conspicuous places on the Map or in the game world. All you can see is snow, a lot of darkness and the moon. You’ve got the compass but that’s still hard to use because you can’t go anywhere you want in this game world  A lot of rocks and mountains are getting in the way. When I finally reached the end of the Map I saw this orange smoke and I just couldn’t control myself. I had to get in there! I wish I hadn’t!

(release date: june 2015)

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