Just Cause 3 – Run Across the Map

Map Size: 2:34:24 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Just Cause 3? I already walked across this map from the northwest to the southeast. In this video I’m going to run and I will start in another place so we can see some other things. This map is one of the biggest maps in games so when I was walking across the map it took me 7 hours. But it was worth it. I really love the atmosphere in this game world, it’s like going on vacation. In this video I’m going faster but you can still feel, see, hear and smell the atmosphere! Here are some highlights: 23:23 (sunflowers ), 50:36 (view), 54:20 (nice city), 55:18 (church), 1:00:54 (harbour town), 1:14:14 (wind turbines), 2:07:04 (snow!), 2:08:05 (view in snowy mountains).

Here is the “Walk Across the Map” video (7 hours!):

If you want to see my friend Rebomedia run across this map:

My colleague TheyCallMeConor already walked across this map two years ago:

And I just found out that my man Rapskilian also walked across the complete map two years ago!!!

(release date: december 2015)

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