Just Cause 2 – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 3:05:16 minutes from end to end!

It’s time for a Big Map again! Let’s do this big monster called Just cause 2. It’s not as big as Just Cause 1 or Just Cause 3, but it’s still a huge world. Too bad I can’t walk in this game. On the PC version you just can not walk. If you like to see Rico running across Just Cause 3 please search for Just Cause 3 on our site. Anyway, I will run across the Map of Just Cause 2. But on some places I will stand still for a second to do some real good sightseeing because this world is too beautiful. Of course after every short sightseeing I sprint a while to get the correct time at the end!

(release date: march 2010)

How big is the map


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