Just Cause 1 – Walk Across the Map

Map Size:  8:14:00 minutes from end to end!

With some bread, water, proteïne shakes and a bucket in front of me I started this long journey. Nonstop, without standing up, without a pause. It’s like sitting in a plane. Except you can’t go to the toilet when you make this trip. I have to push the button and jump over stones at the right time! And make sure I am not walking into a tree! I have never seen so much trees in my life. It just went on and on. So I was very happy when I reached the other end of this giant! Then I found out that YouTube won’t accept a 167 GB file. The maximum size of a file you can upload is 128 GB. I didn’t know. So I had to mess things up to make it work. And here it is finally.

(release date: september 2006)

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