Just Cause 1 – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 2:16:58 minutes from end to end!

In the long walk I was making in the previous video I went from the North East to the South West. Now I am going to run from the North West to the South East just to watch some other trees! I didn’t see different species of tree but I did see a city, a statue, an airport and a helicopter that was following me. This helicopter was very annoying and made me paranoid. I finally got rid of it after 33 minutes! Too bad at the end of my journey helicopters were chasing me again because I ran up to an Island I wasn’t supposed to be. Then they killed me. And Í only had to walk for 3 more minutes to reach the end! So please people, count those three minutes above those 2:16:58 so I don’t have to run the whole Map again!

(release date: september 2006)

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