Iron Front: Liberation 1944 – Walk Across Map 1

Map Size: 2:05:55 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map of Iron Front: Liberation 1944? Let’s walk across the map from the corner in the North East to the corner in the South West! Most of the time I walk alone in my videos but this time I brought my friends with me. One of them is injured so he’s whining all the time. Just ignore that sound. We can not help the poor man because that would take too much time. We have to reach the other end of the map without any break. Now let’s walk and try not to fall asleep. That is going to be hard because this is one of the most empty maps I have ever walked on! I don’t think Poland is that empty, not even in 1944. But on the other hand it’s nice and very relaxing to walk here thanks to the sound of the birds and the bees and the sun that is shining on our heads while we walking through these beautiful large vast plains.

(release date: may 2012)

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How big is the map


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