Infestation: The New Z – Walk Across the Map Part 2/2

Map Size: 1:08:04 + 1:10:52 = 2:18:56 minutes from end to end!

Infestation: The New Z, a multiplayer survival open world game with infected people who have turned into zombies. And here is this hero that is trying to reach the other side of the map. Many people have tried to walk across this map before (Huh? Nobody tried! Who you kidding?). Unfortunately they had to do this in more than 50 pieces. But this man called ‘How Big is the Map’ managed to do this in just two parts. Yes. I died at the end of part 1, not by this zombie I was fighting with but by a real player who shot me in the leg. In this video I will try to survive in this city full of zombies and I will try to reach the end of this big map. I hope I can enjoy the sun, the songs the birds are singing and the sound of the crickets (28:00) without being eaten by those bad singing zombies (31:40, 51:35).

(release date: november 2016)

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How big is the map

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