Infestation: The New Z – Walk Across the Map Part 1/2

Map Size: 1:08:04 + 1:10:52 = 2:18:56 minutes from end to end!

It only happen to me once, that I couldn’t reach the end of a map without being killed. In this game this killing was so merciless I just want to show it to you all. And the man that shot me in the leg in the middle of the map should be very ashamed!!! Didn’t he see that I was just walking the map? …Well, I was already starving to death. Infestation: The New Z is a survival game so you have to eat. The problem is that a real HowBigistheMapper doesn’t have time to eat, I’ve only got time for a nice walk! And I will continue my walk in the next video. So this is part 1. At the end of this part I reach a big city full of zombies and die! In part 2 I try to survive here and move on to the end of the map. By the way, if you don’t hear birds and other ambient noises, there is nothing wrong with your ears. The birds start to sing their songs at 12:30 and the zombies will sing at 47:20!

(release date: november 2016)

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