Immortals Fenyx Rising – Walk Across the Map (SW-NE)

Map Size: 1:21:54 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Immortals Fenyx Rising? Let’s walk across the map to find out. In this video I walk from the southwest to the northeast. The regions I walk through have a bright colorful spring-like atmosphere. I already walked across this map in the previous video. That journey has a more darker autumnal atmosphere:

The game world is very colorful, detailed and very atmospheric. Here are some highlights in this video:

4:50 nice view over a garden with pink trees

6:20 building

7:00 a beautiful view (thumbnail)

9:50 a nice lake

11:40 fields full of red roses

12:29 building, village

13:40 an atmopheric view

13:50 a walking giant

15:50 strange pigs

16:12 sunset

19:22 sunset, a big statue and a beautiful view

20:10 another walking giant

22:18 & 24:24 moonlight in the water

26:18 a strange bear

31:40 ghosts

31:45 rhyming skills

32:25 more ghosts

33:05 nice view over a small hamlet

35:40 view

36:25 view while climbing

36:55 very great view

37:29 another building

39:22 bear watches video of How Big is the Map

40:02 & 41:44 walking between two different worlds

40:35 a big monster

44:10 a nice view

47:20 strange statues

48:20 more strange statues

49:15 another nice view

56:00 a golden building

58:15 statues sitting around a campfire

59:45 something on a ventilation

1:02:35 another view

1:07:15 building blinking in the sun

1:08:00 huge hand of a statue

1:08:24 huge armpit of a statue

1:09:33 view over the sea

1:10:56 nice view over the sea at night

1:14:18 nice view at night

1:17:17 horses

1:18:08 one more building

(release date: december 2020)

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