Immortals Fenyx Rising – Walk Across the Map (SE-NW)

Map Size: 1:36:32 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Immortals Fenyx Rising (Gods & Monsters)? Let’s walk across the map to find out. In this video I walk from the southeast to the northwest. The regions I walk through have a dark autumnal atmosphere. I’ll walk across the brighter colorful spring-like regions in the next video. Yes, I am going to walk across this map twice.

Here’s the second walk:

The game world is very detailed and very atmospheric. Here are some highlights:

2:20 dog with three heads

12:55 monsters

15:10 horses

15:25 building

19:08 big bird

23:30 building

24:24 red grass

25:36 big statue

27:05 ghosts

27:35 sleeping monster

30:50 gorge

32:00 fog at night

32:40 moonlight through the trees

28:16 sun’s coming up

38:50 crazy monster

48:00 volcano, red hot water

56:22 blue flowers

56:56 nice blue water

58:16 deers

58:38 nice here, nice atmosphere

1:00:40 more monsters

1:06:25 beautiful snowy place with huge statues and a walking giant

1:10:38 ghost

1:12:55 giants

1:27:55 huge statue

1:30:14 waterfalls

12:25 statue

17:20 more statues

nice views/vistas at 10:10, 18:50, 19:55, 34:16, 35:23, 49:50, 55:50, 1:10:55, 1:12:34, 1:16:18

(release date: december 2020)

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