Ice Station Z – Crawl Across the Map

Map Size: crawling 1:50:17 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Ice Station Z? Let’s crawl across the map to find out. The character is crawling very slowly so I think we should devide the time by 2 or 3. It’s hard to tell. Why am I doing this??? … For science I guess. Remember me swimming across the entire ocean in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag? Or across that big ocean in the survival game Atlas? Well, I’m afraid this video is even more boring. My next video of Ice Station Z will be more exciting. This crawling just goes way too slow.

Tags: free roam, freeroam, free roaming, freeroaming, explore, exploring game worlds, video game maps size comparison, asmr, map size

(release date: december 2021)

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