How Big is the Map – Christmas Rap

Two fresh rap verses!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my wife, my kids, my parents, my family, my brother G, Lucia, my sisters A. & M, my nephews, my nieces, Petra, my friends, my colleagues at work, all my viewers, my friends Ruud AKA Rebomedia, Ronald AKA Greg McRetro,, Johan, Michael, Rik, Bram AKA DJ Moedwil, Simon AKA Rapide, all the guys at the gym, Jeff, Ahmed, Mark, Raymond, Lennard, Niels, Dion Staring, my viewers: Doggydude98, Dylan Tomasi, The Rebel Titan 55, ASMR Alexander, Gelasio Ebel Junior, Sam Fisher, Wendel Ravenwoud, Natur Kraft, Aaron Antonio, Rick Negan, Kwl Gamer, Lukem_sc, Slow Walkthroughs / Video Game Ambience, Wood, Utsav Basu, TopsDaily Productions, Gamereferences, George Hains, The Hipster King, Princess Balamb, Rapskilian, TheyCallMeConor, 8-Bit Bastard and all the other 24000 subscribers. If I forgot your name, then write it down in the comments. I’ll add your name to this list. I stop writing down names now because I want to eat with my wife & kids.

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