Homefront: The Revolution (Map: Holloway) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 07:28 minutes from end to end!

This first person shooter has got seven Big Maps. How Big is the Map is going to show them all. And that’s not easy to do. Walking from one corner to the other just to let you know how Big the game world is and to show you what it looks like has never been that difficult. There are so many North Korean soldiers in this game that are trying to kill you that you can’t just take a peaceful walk. And you can’t kill them all! They just keep coming after the alarm has been triggered! This game reminds me of The Division. I had to do one Map in four times! But not in this game! I will walk every Map in one video. I will survive every walk! You wanna know why? It’s because I’m a fighter, a warrior, a go-getter and a very good gamer…oh yes, and I use a trainer with a God Mode cheat.

(release date: may 2016)

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