Homefront: The Revolution (Map: Elmtree) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 05:32 minutes from end to end!

This successor of the linear first person shooter Homefront is a game with an open world. But just like in a lot of other open world games, there is not one Big Map to play in. In Homefront: The Revolution they show you one Big Map, but you can’t go from one area in that Map to the other. There are loading screens. Besides that you’ve got to complete some missions before you get access to the other areas of the Map. So to be honest, there are more levels, more little Maps. There are like seven of them and they are not big. But they are very interesting, full of stuff, you can do a lot and the graphics are amazing! This is the first one out of eight Maps. This Map is called Elmtree, the first Map in the game.

(release date: may 2016)

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