Gun (2005) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 13:39 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Gun? Let’s walk across the map to find out.

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This Western themed game was made 5 years before the first Red Dead Redemption. Back in the day we had the western themed games Outlaws, Red Dead Revolver, Western Desperado, Call of Juarez and Gun. And we had Redneck Rampage that felt a bit like a Western game. The game world in Gun isn’t big and it isn’t beautiful, but the game itself was very enjoyable. The story was great, the gameplay was great and you wanted to play further until the end. Sometimes I thought it was a bit too hard, even though I played it on Easy. But hey, I ain’t no fast gunslinger, I’m just a slow wanderer.

(release date: november 2005)

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