Guild Wars: Nightfall – Map: Plains of Jarin

Map Size: running 04:30 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map of Guild Wars: Nightfall? This game hasn’t got one big map, there are more maps with loading screens in between. HBitM will show you the biggest and most beautiful maps of this game. There are too many areas to show them all. But you definitely get an idea of the size of Nightfall. This is the area Plains of Jarin, a big field with some friendly monsters. Enjoy!

If you want to watch me walk across some other maps in Guild Wars: Nightfall then maybe you want to watch these videos:

Map Plains of Jarin:
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Map Arkjok Ward (Mainland):
Talk About the Map Size of Nightfall:

(release date: october 2006)

How big is the map


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