Grounded – Walk Across the Garden

Map Size: jogging 18:15 minutes from end to end! How big is the Grounded map? Let’s find out by walking across the entire map. Walking goes a little bit too fast in this game, so maybe we should call this jogging. I crept across the map in the previous video, it took 35 minutes. I started in the northeast corner of the map in the previous video. This time I start in the northwest corner of the garden, so we see other parts of this unique game world. This garden is dangerous. It’s full of angry spiders, mad ants, killing mosquitoes and other insects and creatures. They are all after me but I’m using a trainer so they can’t kill me. When you’re not big and strong, you have to be smart. This game reminds me of games like Smalland: Survive the Wilds, Little Hats and Bee Simulator. I still have to walk across the maps of the first two games I just mentioned, but I already made videos of Bee Simulator. Here are the links: My Across the Map videos of Bee Simulator:

Walk Across the Map in Bee Simulator:

Fly Across the Map in Bee Simulator (SW-NE):

Fly Across the Map in Bee Simulator (NW-SE):

Run Across the Map in Grounded:

Creep Across the Map in Grounded:

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(release date: september 2022)

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