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Map Size Greedfall

How big is the game world in Greedfall? Greedfall doesn’t consist of one map. The game has 16 open world maps and you have to fast travel to get to other maps. There are loading screens. It feels like the Dragon Age games. This game has great music and it has a wonderful atmosphere. Let’s walk across all maps in this medieval RPG.

0:00 intro

0:40 Sérène

5:10 San-Matheus

12:37 Region of Hikmet

29:44 Steiger Falág (The Rocky Steps)

41:25 Magasvár (The Vale of the Great Battle)

1:01:39 Tír Dob (The Black Lands)

1:11:18 Védvílvie

1:19:42 Dorgred (The Heart’s Gates)

1:26:09 Vedrad (The Red Woods)

1:40:48 Frasoneigad (The Ancient Woods)

1:56:05 Glendgnámvár (The Shore of the Tall Bones)

2:06:43 Wenshaganaw (The Singing Waters)

2:23:01 Meinei Falág (The Rocky Mounts)

2:27:07 Cwenvár (The Tall Trees)

2:32:51 Anemhaid (The Fiery Soul)

2:42:21 New Sérène

Map size:

Sérène 4.30

San-Matheus 7.27

Region of Hikmet 17.07

Steiger Falág (The Rocky Steps) 11.41

Magasvár (The Vale of the Great Battle) 20.14

Tír Dob (The Black Lands) 9.39

Védvílvie 8.24

Dorgred (The Heart’s Gates) 6.27

Vedrad (The Red Woods) 14.39

Frasoneigad (The Ancient Woods) 15.17

Glendgnámvár (The Shore of the Tall Bones) 10.38

Wenshaganaw (The Singing Waters) 16.18

Meinei Falág (The Rocky Mounts) 4.06

Cwenvár (The Tall Trees) 5.44

Anemhaid (The Fiery Soul) 9.30

New Sérène 6.37

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(release date: PC, PS4, XBox One: september 2019, PS5 & Series X/S: june 2021)

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