Generation Zero – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 1:04:22 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Generation Zero? Let’s walk across this map to find out. And let’s find out what Sweden looked like in the 80s. It looks gorgeous! But I didn’t know there were so many robots back then. And where are all the people? Playing Pacman in bunkers I guess.

Some highlights during this journey: vistas: 10:45, 19:00, 33:05, 33:34, 34:30, 28:20, 41:50. 1:45 village 2:28 nice sky 4:00 gas station 4:30 robots! 6:50 a forest early in the morning 11:40 a big robot! 13:25 anooying little robots! 15:20 a farm 15:50 two big robots! 17:10 sunshine through the trees 21:45 flying little robot! 27:27 a glitch or a very narrow river? 35:00 another farm 36:30 an agressive robot! 39:35 houses 45:25 a village 47:40 a huge robot! 51:25 an enormous robot! 57:20 just another farm 57:38 just another house 59:15 a robot jumps up on me! 59:59 a baby robot wants to play! 1:00:11 fly across the map 1:00:55 I’m in panic! 1:01:55 I try to hide in a house 1:02:08 are these robots throwing with chairs now?

(release date: march 2019)


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