Friday the 13th. The Game – Map: Crystal Lake

Map Size: 6:56 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map of Friday the 13th. the Game?
A hardcore funny bloody game! That’s what this game is. In Friday the 13th. you experience the roughest hardest meanest killings you have ever seen in a video game. Youtuber Dylan Tomasi gave me the idea to walk across this one. After I watched his game kill montage video on his channel I bought the game immediately. So here I am walking across a scary map at midnight trying to stay alive. I’m glad nobody notice me while I’m walking here. Yes, I will reach the end of this one. But there are more maps in this game so I’m not finished yet. I will walk across the three maps of this game and I hope I will succeed without getting slaughtered by Jason!
(release date: may 2017)

How big is the map


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