Firewatch – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 08:24 minutes from end to end!

Now let’s run through the beautiful woods of Firewatch! And let’s not get scared of the sounds in the forest (3:28)! We still have got the voice of Delilah with us to protect us. Well, it feels like she’s protecting us, in reality we are all alone. I’ve got my axe with me too! I’m going to use it to get through that fence! (6:35). At the end of the video I walk into the fence again. I can’t get through here so you can’t reach the furthest corner in the North West. I played this game until the end and I loved it! I hope you guys will enjoy this video! If you enjoy then please give some thumbs up…wait a minute, I never ask for that! What is going on with me? This game has changed me! First it made me paranoid and now it has totally transform my brain! Ok, I’m fooling around, let’s go the next game and get even more crazy!

(release date: february 2016)

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