Farming Simulator 15 – Walk Across the Maps

Map Size Map 1 (Westbridge Hills): 11:45 minutes from end to end!

Map Size Map 2 (Bjornholm): 11:45 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Farming simulator 15? There are two maps in this game. They have the same size. Let’s walk across both of them. I bought this game a few years ago when I was on a holiday in Germany. I bought it for the channel, and now I finally found the time to walk across the game world of this game. Of course I’ll do other farming simulators in the future. My goal is to walk across the map in every open world game that exist on this planet. I know, I’ll have to do this until I’m 90…

00:00 Westbridge Hills

11:52 Bjornholm

(release date: october 2014)

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