Far Cry Primal – Creep Across the Map

Map Size: 1:33:21 minutes from end to end!

Let’s creep across the map in Far Cry Primal. Walking goes a little bit too fast so I’m going to creep so we can compare this map with the maps in other open world games. I already walked across this map when I just started this channel, but it didn’t look that good so I’m going to do this again. In this video I creep (crouchwalk) and in the next video I’ll walk. Of course I’ll start in a different corner of the map so we can see some other parts of the game world in the next video.

Here are some highlights in this video: 3:03 man is getting killed by animal 5:45 waterfall 6:42 singing mosquitoes 7:12 village 8:40 another waterfall 9:41 wolves 10:29 strange sounds at night 10:52 fireflies 13:26 another waterfall 14:14 a camp at night 14:42 animals attacking people 18:06 waterfall nr. 4 20:00 nice sunlight 21:25 monkeys 24:11 exotic birds 25:34 the world’s going crazy! Animals act strange! 26:04 a moose 28:00 mammoths 28:25 more mammoths 32:35 village 33:52 rhinoceroses 35:23 strange sounds 38:48 more strange sounds 41:19 let’s release an animal and see what happens 42:05 nice atmosphere in the forest 42:30 sun’s rays 43:25 more sun’s rays 47:00 clouds in the mountains 48:50 fire 49:37 more fire 52:07 fog 55:14 another atmospheric forest 57:15 fish 57:38 a lake 59:18 dead animals 1:00:45 huge waterfall 1:05:33 first snow 1:06:03 falling dead bird 1:10:18 animal eats human being 1:18:09 bear 1:19:34 bears are fighting 1:29:26 geysers views at 4:55, 5:20, 22:19, 29:30, 31:28, 1:12:45 and 1:26:20

Tags: free roam, freeroam, free roaming, freeroaming, explore, exploring game worlds, video game maps size comparison, asmr, map size, how long does it take, relaxing walk, digital walks, open world games

(release date: february 2016)

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