Far Cry New Dawn – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 31:22 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry New Dawn? Let’s walk across the map to find out. The character is walking a little bit too fast so in the next video I’m going to crouch across this map. As you already know the map is a sort of copy from Far Cry 5 but something happened in the story and now the game world looks pink and colorful. And because of radiation you can’t get to the border regions of this map so it’s a little bit smaller than the map in Far Cry 5. The next video (crouch across the map) will be one of the most atmospheric ones I’ve ever made. I will upload it as soon as possible.
Here are some highlights of the video you’re watching now:
White deers at 3:28, 22:10 and 23:25
Some other animals at 5:52
Animal attacks person at 6:05
A settlement at 7:00
A squarry at 11:48
A strange settlement with rapmusic at 14:05
Beautiful sun in the evening at 17:10
A broken Railway bridge at 18:18
A radiation bear at 22:30
A farm at 26:05
More animals at 28:25
An old bridge at 28:35

(release date: february 2019)

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