Far Cry New Dawn – Walk Across the Map (2022)

Map Size: walking fast 31:04 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry New Dawn? Let’s walk across the map to find out. In the previous video I crept or ‘crouchwalked’ across this map because the character is moving too fast when he’s ‘walking’. I already crept and walked across the map in Far Cry New Dawn in 2019, but it looked terrible because of a bitrate that was way too low. Now I have a bitrate of 100000 kbps (100 Mbps), so it looks great.

Some highlights: 5:45 little forest pool 5:55 turkey attacks me 11:36 people enjoy a barbecue 12:12 mine 13:00 pink industry 13:50 a lot of white deers 17:10 more white deers 18:10 angry bull attacks me 19:36 nice view 21:09 fight & rapmusic 21:52 deers at the riverside 22:36 big white deers 22:49 big bear attacks me 27:34 deer drinks water from a pool

(release date: february 2019)

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