Far Cry New Dawn – Crouch Across the Map (Very atmospheric!)

Map Size: 1:06:07 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry New Dawn? The character is walking a little bit too fast so in I’m going to crouch across this map to find out what the map size is. As you already know the map is a sort of copy from Far Cry 5 but something happened in the story and now the game world looks pink and colorful. And because of radiation you can’t get to the border regions of this map so it’s a little bit smaller than the map in Far Cry 5. This video is one of the most atmospheric ones I’ve ever made. Here are some highlights:
Very atmospheric moments: 16:16, 34:00, 36:22, 46:00, 50:24, 50:33 (thumbnail), 53:30, 56:00, 56:55
53:55 Animals by the lake
29:55 You hear music and a lady singing in the forest at night
37:15 Sound of flies in the pink flowers
17:35 house at the lake
16:16 sunshine through trees
55:00 and 56:35 Sunshine in the forest
32:53 Sunshine early in the morning

Other highlights:
7:00 old building/factory at the lake
28:30 settlement at night with lights
38:45 factory
40:45 cars in the ground
44:00 old buildings
19:22 almost hit by a deer
19:25 wolf try to catch deers
21:24 bear attacks people
22:10 bear attacks me!
57:20 wild boar attacks me
38:10 white bear
36:40 animal attacks other animal
46:15 animals in forest
1:04:40 white deers at nigh
1:02:25 crying lady
views: 19:34, 27:38, 31:43, 50:35, 52:10

(release date: february 2019)

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