Far Cry 5 – Walk Across the Map

Map Size:  58:41 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry 5? Let’s find out by walking from the farthest point in the northeast to the farthest point in the southwest. It’s a beautiful game world but it’s also full of danger. Crazy people, bears and other animals are trying to get me and show no mercy. They’re making me paranoid. Another map when you’re going to celebrate when you finally reach the end unscathed! It will be more difficult the next time, in the next video I will try to crouch across the entire map. Of course that journey will start and end in different corners so we can see some other parts of the map. I really hope MrAntiFun or CheatHappens will have a trainer with the god mode cheat ready by then!

Some interesting moments: 22:45 sect music and crazy man talking. beautifuls views at 10:10, 33:10, 36:36, 37:14. Bull is doing some dirty sh*t with a cow but stops when he sees me coming at 49:30.
(release date: march 2018)

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How big is the map

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