Far Cry 5 – Walk Across the Map (2022)

Map Size: 57:05 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry 5? Let’s walk across the map to find out. The character is moving a little bit too fast, that’s why I crept in the previous video. I already crept and walked across the map in Far Cry 5 in 2018, but it looked terrible because of a bitrate that was way too low. Now I have a bitrate of 100000 kbps (100 Mbps), so it looks great. And I don’t mind making Across the Map videos of Far Cry 5 again for this channel because this game world is awesome!

Here are some highlights of this journey through Hope County: 1:30 wolf in the wilderness 1:55 awesome view 4:30 hardrock music 4:40 little lake house and green plane 5:00 station & industry 5:19 sound of bees 5:22 deer 6:06 beuatiful mountains 6:09 swimming mountain lion 6:48 music 7:18 the sun’s coming up 7:25 bear attacks man 7:56 nice view 10:20 dead man’s hanging 10:29 beautiful view 10:48 waterfall 11:49 camp 15:34 moose 17:13 bees 21:27 village behind fence 22:17 church 30:19 a lot of apple trees 30:34 short song 31:27 nice view 31:57 a big apple 32:22 man’s crying 32:44 more apple trees 33:16 turkey attacks me 33:33 music 33:45 small store 34:14 hanging dead man 34:34 inside a building 35:00 another song 36:50 man hits other man & more music 38:08 two dead men hanging 40:46 deer 41:14 more music 41:48 deer 42:25 foggy forest 42:42 small lake in the forest in the evening 42:50 skunk 45:17 cow 45:38 dead man with a sick stomach 47:55 house and garage 48:38 cross in dead body 48:47 farm at night 49:20 nice view at night 49:30 another farm at night 50:12 Jesus & dead man are hanging on a pole

(release date: march 2018)

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