Far Cry 5 – Run Across the Map (2022)

Map Size: running 33:15 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry 5? Let’s run across the map to find out. I already crept, walked and run across the map in Far Cry 5 in 2018, but it looked terrible because of a bitrate that was way too low. Now I have a bitrate of 100000 kbps (100 Mbps), so it looks great. And I don’t mind making Across the Map videos of Far Cry 5 again for this channel because this game world is awesome!

Here are some highlights of this journey through Hope County: 2:33 deers 3:08 foggy road 4:04 music 4:16 nice atmosphere 6:50 nice view 7:35 man with mouth cap 8:35 more men with mouth caps 8:50 man beats another man 9:38 green lake 9:48 woman reading religious literature 10:39 flowing river 13:03 another woman reading religious stuff 17:40 music 19:20 camp 23:40 deers 23:48 dead men hanging & a lot of blood 26:22 explosion 30:12 very awesome view

(release date: march 2018)

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