Far Cry 5 – Creep Across the Map (2022)

Map Size: 1:38:40 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Far Cry 5? Let’s creep across the map to find out. Yes, I’m going to creep or crouchwalk across this map because the character is moving too fast when he’s ‘walking’. I already crept and walked across the map in Far Cry 5 in 2018, but it looked terrible because of a bitrate that was way too low. Now I have a bitrate of 100000 kbps (100 Mbps), so it looks great. And I don’t mind making Across the Map videos of Far Cry 5 again for this channel because this game world is awesome!

Here are some highlights of this journey: 24:42 mysterious lady is singing a song 26:22 and she’s singing again 50:40 a small store 50:55 inside this small store 1:30:10 big beautiful buidling 1:31:05 inside this building 55:00 man’s playing the guitar and is singing a song 1:06:40 wolf’s hunting and killing a deer 1:19:46 bear attacks people 1:11:00 camp/settlement/village at night 20:05 people burning bodies 29:55 man’s shaving hair of a prisoner 31:26 man sticks cross in dead body 48:18 man’s hanging on a pole 1:13:17 another dead man hanging 44:30 man kicks other person 35:00 lady’s saying religious things 1:35:00 beautiful deer in the forest 1:35:30 a lot of animals in the forest 1:37:14 another deer 5:25 vista/view 49:30 another vista/view 7:40 nice atmosphere 14:20 tankstation at night 25:55 beautiful house 31:53 skunk 13:00 bison 16:20 beer 48:05 deers 48:28 deers on the road 31:00 plantations 33:00 mountains 53:00 a huge bridge 53:13 a crashed train 1:21:47 forest early in the morning 34:34 a green lake 1:24:05 loud sounds of an animal 29:17 music 33:45 more music 1:17:50 another song 1:28:56 and another song 1:38:40 extra footage (very atmospheric)

(release date: march 2018)

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