Far Cry 4 – Crouch Across the Map

Map Size: crouching 1:38:46 minutes from end to end!

In the previous video I walked across the map in Far Cry 4. It looked like the map wasn’t that big. But if you compare the walking speed of the character, he’s walking a lot faster than the characters in other open world games, it looks almost like running. The map isn’t that small though. When you crouch you get a better walking speed. This way the map is almost as big as the map in GTA V or the map in Skyrim (both 1 hour and 50 minutes).
When you crouch you see a lot more animals. It feels like a soothing walk through a nature park.
Here are some highlights:
A very atmospheric moment: 1:30:05
Another atmospheric moment: 1:33:05
Nice views: 7:36, 15:50, 19:45, 48:38, 1:01:44, 1:13:30
Deer at 3:28
Monkeys at 6:45 and 9:50
Tapirs at 8:08 and 9:55
Blue birds at 8:58
Pigs at 14:14
A big fish in the river at 20:20
A rhino at 21:15
Elephants at 23:15
A bear at 44:55 and another bear at 46:50
A very aggressive rhino at 48:05
Aggressive buffalos at 1:05:20 and 1:17:30
Wolves at the riverside at 1:29:20
A facility at 36:06
Beautiful sun at 47:55
A waterfall at 1:02:35

(release date: november 2014)

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