Far Cry 1 – Run Across the Maps

How Big are the maps in Far Cry 1? Let’s run across all maps to find out. I walked and ran across the maps in Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6, but I never did the first Far Cry game. It’s because this game doesn’t have one map, it has more maps and they are pretty linear. Still it feels like an open world game and sometimes there is enough room to explore. There are 20 levels in the game, 12 of them are in the open world. I’m going to run across these 12 open world maps.

0:00 intro 0:42 Map: Training 6:17 Map: Fort 10:40 Map: Pier 21:01 Map: Research 23:30 Map: Treehouse 27:20 Map: Steam 33:58 Map: Rebellion 41:04 Map: Boat 51:36 Map: Catacombs 52:57 Map: River 1:08:30 Map: Swamp 1:16:59 Map: Dam

Map sizes (running): Training 5.35 Fort 4.23 Pier 10.21 Research 2.29 Treehouse 3.50 Steam 6.38 Rebellion 7.06 Boat 10.32 Catacombs 1.21 River 15.33 Swamp 8.29 Dam 6.15 This old game isn’t developed by Ubisoft like all the other Far Cry games. This one is developed by Crytek Germany. Later they made the Cysis games.

Far Cry: all maps, all locations

(release date: march 2004)

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