Fallen Earth (Map 2) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 4:58:00 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the second map in Fallen Earth? This area is called the Northfields. also known as Sector 2. When you’re in Sector 1 and you walk to the furthest point in the North you find a road that leads to this map. Without a loading screen by the way. In this video I walk through some villages (54:20, 1:23:55 and 3:01:00), but most of the time I’m in the countryside surrounded by a lot of angry animals. So I died at 1:16:10, after surrounded by wolves. So in this video I had to cut ans split just one time. That’s not my style, you know I want to walk across map in one shot. This time I have no choice. This map is too full of enemies and it’s too big. In the previous video I manage to walk 5 hours without editing, but that was because the spawn place was nearby the place that I died. In this map your spawn place is right in the furthest point in the south of the map and nowhere else. After this video I will walk the third big map in this game, the Kaibab Forest.

(release date: september 2009)

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